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Issues of Jharkhand Journal of Development and Management Studies (JJDMS) and books published by the Department of Research & Publications:

Journal Issues with specific themes:
1st issue: Jharkhand Development, November 2002, Pages 1-127, Rs. 125.00
2nd issue: Empowerment of Weaker Sections, Jan-March 2003, Pages 131-249, Rs. 125.00
3rd issue: Perspectives of Rural Development, April-June 2003, Pages 271-397, Rs. 125.00
4th issue: Decentralization and Rural Management, July-September 2003, Pages 415-537, Rs. 125.00
5th issue: Corporate Governance, Oct.-Dec 2003, Pages 555-668, Rs. 125.00
6th issue: NGOs and Development, Jan-March 2004, Pages 679-781, Rs. 125.00
7th issue: Small Scale Industries and Entrepreneurship Development, April-June 2004, Pages 795-909, Rs. 125.00
8th issue: Economic Reforms: The Development Perspectives, July-September 2004, Pages 921-1031, Rs. 125.00
9th issue: Land Alienation, Displacement and Rehabiliation: Issues and Perspectives, Oct.-Dec. 2004, Pages 1039-1155, Rs. 125.00
10th issue: Community Health, Nutrition and Healthcare, and Health Education, Jan.-March 2005, Pages 1173-1323, Rs. 125.00
11th issue: Watershed Management with Special Reference to Jharkhand, April-June 2005, Pages 1324-1450, Rs. 125.00
12th issue: Fifth Schedule and Tribal Development, July-September 2005, Pages 1463-1580, Rs. 125.00
13th issue: Dynamics of Development in Jharkhand: Oct.-Dec. 2005, Pages 1581-1714, Rs. 125.00
14th issue: Tribal Haats and Cooperatives, Jan.-March 2006, Pages 1715-1840, Rs. 125.00
15th issue: Perspectives on Status of Women, Livelihood and Employment, April-June 2006, Pages 1865-1982, Rs. 125.00
16th issue: Human Rights with Special Reference to Children, Women and Dalits, July-September 2006, Pages 1983-2103, Rs.125.00
Consolidated Volume of JJDMS Vol. 1 Nos. 1-5, May 2004, Pages 1-668, Rs. 800.00 (HB)
Consolidated Volume of JJDMS Vol. 2 Nos. 6-10, July 2005, Pages 669-1323, Rs. 800.00 (HB)
Consolidated Volume of JJDMS Vol.3 Nos. 11-13, December 2005, Pages 1325-1744, Rs. 500.00 (HB)

Social Empowerment through Development Interventions: Innovative Experiments at the Grassroots Edited by Beni A Ekka & Anirudh Prasad, Pages 372, Rs 650.00 $ 200, Year of Publication 2005
Land Reforms Administration in India: An Unfinished Task by Beni Alphonse Ekka, Pages 282, Rs. 300.00 $ 100, Year of Publication 2005

Forthcoming titles
Dynamics of Tribal Migration in India by Dr Ranjit Toppo
Construction of Action Research Theories in Social Sciences edited by Beni A Ekka & Anirudh Prasad

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